Winter lawn advice guide

By December 16, 2015Lawncare Tips

Did you know?

Winter is when your lawn is most stressed due to the cold darker weather? The lawn will stop growing throughout these colder months and moss will take full advantage of this.

Here is a quick Winter advice guide of things you can be doing to help your lawn keep healthy throughout these tougher months and fight unwanted moss.

Avoid Moving

Grass will stop growing when the soil temperature drops below 5 degrees celcius so it will also not recover. If you have not done so already it’s time to start thinking about the final cut of this year. This last cut needs to be nice and high 1.5” – 2” with a nice sharp blade reducing the stress caused leading into the colder months. Remove all clippings as this can encourage disease.

Give the Lawn a break

Where possible avoid walking on the lawn as much as possible especially when very wet or frosty and if any areas with high traffic start to wear thin then perhaps install some stepping stones.

Get your mower serviced

Why wait until the busy Spring period and get ahead, get your mower in for a service over the Winter so it’s ready the moment your lawn starts growing again.  Luxury Lawns offers a mower winter service, call 01243 200 600 to find out more.

Clear unwanted leaves and debris

Use a light rake or leaf blower to clear unwanted leaves and debris as these can encourage disease, thatch and worm activity.

Moss Control

Winter is when moss thrives and with recent milder winters it’s become the UK’s biggest lawn problem, Luxury Lawns will control moss with our Autumn/winter treatment and for lawns that really suffer we would suggest a 2nd application included in our winter Beneficial treatment.

Solid Tine Aeration

Now is the perfect time to aerate whilst the soil is soft enough. We advise solid tine aeration as this is a much cleaner method, leaving no mess unlike hollow tine aeration.  Aeration will relieve compaction, improve drainage and allow more air into the root system leading to a healthier lawn.

Worms and Moles

There are many types of worms in our soils but only one produces a cast, for best results wait until the cast has dried out the sweep away with a stiff broom. If the problem is severe Luxury Lawns can apply a treatment that will encourage the worms to dig down deeper for up to six weeks to allow the lawn time to recover.

Moles can be very destructive and tend to become more active during Jan/Feb, remove any mounds of earth produced with a spade and try and tread down the soil above the runs, this will be indicated by strips of raised areas between the mounds.

Again our Worm repellent treatment can work here as its sends the worms down deeper in the soil making it harder for the moles to feed, however in severe cases we would suggest our humane trapping service.

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