Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Aerating a Lawn is one of the most important seasonal treatments, by piercing the lawn all over you allow for oxygen, nutrients, and water to enter the root zone which stimulates better root growth. it also allows the build-up of unwanted gasses in the soil a chance to escape, this is known as soil exchange.

Soil Aeration

Aeration also penetrates sub-surface thatch allowing it to break down whilst reducing compaction and helping with drainage.

Here at Luxury Lawns, we offer both types of soil Aeration, hollow and solid tine. Hollow tine aeration is generally better done in the spring whilst solid tine is better done in the Autumn and is a no-mess alternative.

Unlike other lawn care companies, luxury lawns can even clear the cores up after your hollow tine aeration as we understand the needs of our customers!

Why might your lawn need aeration?

It is common for lawns to develop a layer of thatch (organic matter) during a year. Both surface thatch and sub-surface thatch are detrimental to the overall development of turf grasses, by restricting the movement of water, air, and nutrients in the soil.

How does my lawn benefit from Aeration?

Soil Aeration is the most effective way of relieving a lawn of thatch by punching thousands of cores from the lawn. This operation thins out thatch on the surface of the lawn whilst at the same time, relieving soil compaction within the root zone (commonly known as sub-surface compaction).

How does Luxury Lawns know if my lawn needs Aerating?

We take a number of core samples from the lawn and then measure the depth of the thatch. When the thatch layer is unacceptably deep or there is excessive compaction present, we recommend Aeration. as a Golden rule Aeration is needed at least once every year.

Why does Luxury Lawns ‘Hollow-Tine Aerate’, instead of just ‘Spiking’?

In our experience, Hollow-Tine Aeration is the most effective and rigorous from lawn aerating. Spiking is not as effective.

How often does my lawn need to be aerated?

All lawns will benefit from having soil aeration at least once a year, worst effected lawns might benefit having this process done 2-3 times but your crewman will advise you best here.

Why don’t you collect the cores after hollow tine aeration, like they do on golf and bowling greens?

Cores left on a golf or bowling would interfere with play, so naturally they are removed. Interestingly, cores are commonly left on golf fairways during aerations, as they do provide some benefit from recycling the nutrients from within them.

Can Luxury Lawns carry out scarification as well as Aeration on the same day?

Yes we can.

Why does Luxury Lawns not recommend top-dressing?

Top-dressing is an unnecessary expense on a lawn. The exception to this is when there is a heavy clay soil base and SAND is used as the top dressing. Humps and hollows are not removed by top-dressing despite what you may have read.

HELPFUL TIP: Aeration is the most important process to a lawn, Aerate your lawn twice a year for best results. 

Aerating a Lawn
Lawn Aeration