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Winter Lawn Advice Guide

Winter lawn advice guide

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Did you know? Winter is when your lawn is most stressed due to the cold darker weather? The lawn will stop growing throughout these colder months and moss will take…

Crane Fly Treatment

Daddy Long Legs Alert! 2015

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Please be advised that we are seeing a dangerously high amount of Crane Fly (Daddy Long legs) this Autumn, this is due to the mild and wet winter of 2014/15...
Autumn Treatment

Autumn To Do List

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Autumn is a great time to give your lawn a pick-me-up and to ensure that it is in the best possible shape to survive the winter. Below are some of...
Summer lawn care

Summer Lawn Care

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Summer Lawn Care is when we want to be out enjoying our lawns but without the right amount of care it's when the lawns can also look their worst! Here...

Do’s And Don’ts

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Sometimes it can be hard to remember all the advice that your crewman gives you so here is a summary of what to do before and after each treatment for...