Leather Jackets Warning

Please be advised that we are seeing a dangerously high amount of Crane Fly (Daddy Long legs) this Autumn, this is due to the mild and wet winter of 2014/15 which has accelerated populations.

Crane fly lay their eggs into the root zone during the autumn which hatch out as larvae known as “leatherjackets”, these young grubs then eat the rooting system and if not controlled excessive damage and even entire lawn loss can occur relatively quickly.

Each Crane fly can lay up to 200 eggs at a time so you don’t need too many daddy long legs around the lawn to suffer a big infestation.

New lawns are especially vulnerable as fresh young shoots are easier for them too digest, this means that new housing estates are particularly susceptible to having infestation and we strongly advise preventative Control.

The Problem is that control has become increasingly difficult due to the recent  change in UK legislation meaning that we can no longer use old methods to control them!


As of autumn 2015 this has never been truer. We are strongly advising the control of Leatherjackets this October and November 2015 as this is now the last line of defence against Infestation as Insecticides in 2016 will no longer be available.

Please don’t wait till it’s too late and book a Leatherjacket Preventative treatment today.

REMEMBER TO KEEP A LOOKOUT BETWEEN SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER: If you notice lots of daddy long legs on your lawn please contact Luxury Lawns who can schedule a preventative treatment.