Incorrect mowing of lawns is one of the most common causes of poor health conditions on UK lawns. Luxury Lawns will always endeavour to give expert advice to you and work with any gardeners to achieve the best results for your lawn.

We have put together a mowing guide below with answers to frequently asked questions and tips and advice for our customers to get the best results time after time.

HELPFUL TIP: Keep a lookout for brown rings after mowing, this is a sign that your thatch levels are too high and a scarification is needed!


Mowing Advice Guide

  • Always change direction every other cut, this prevents lateral growth which is bad for the lawn.
  • Always make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp.
  • Always remove clippings from your lawn.
  • Always cut the edges first.
  • Always take care around edges of your lawn to prevent the mower dropping and scalping edges.
  • Always strim before you cut.
  • Always refuel off and away from the lawn.
  • Never take off more than one third of the height in a single cut… temptation is always to cut as short as possible to avoid having to cut again soon.
  • Never Cut Wet Grass.
  • Never leave cuttings on top of lawn.
  • Never Re-fuel your mower on you lawn to avoid chemical burns.
  • Luxury Lawns recommends a cutting height of around 1.5 inches especially in the summer months.
  • Never cut off more than 1/3 off of the total height in one cut.
  • More frequent cutting is always best practice to avoid scalping your lawn. Luxury Lawns recommends once a week.
  • For best results three times every fortnight and water plenty after each cut and between to supplement the lawn.

Unlike many lawn care companies here at Luxury Lawns we also offer a lawn mowing service along side our regular treatment programmes.

Offering a cutting service means we can actively monitor our customers lawns & spot problems earlier such as red thread, drought stress and any other uninvited guests taking home in your lawn, such as Leatherjackets, Chafer grubs and moles, We can then take necessary early action before they do damage to your lawn.

We will identify dominant grass species in your lawn and adjust our cutting heights to suit accordingly and treatments will be tailored around cutting dates to maximise results!

 Call us today to discuss a cutting service. 

  • If your mower has four wheels you MUST overlap each run so that the wheels do not go in the same place all the time. Repeated grass cutting in the same track will produce ruts and tramlines.
  • Always do the edges first
  • For best results use a mower with a roller
  • Never cut when wet
  • Never cut when too dry
  • For best results water after each cut during the summer months.
  • If the lawn has a ‘silver sheen’ or ‘frayed’ look after mowing the blade(s) need sharpening
  • Keep a lookout for brown rings after cutting, this is a sign that your thatch levels are too high and  that scarification is needed!