Autumn To Do List

Autumn is a great time to give your lawn a pick-me-up and to ensure that it is in the best possible shape to survive the winter.
Below are some of the treatments that we advise as “MUSTS” to see the best results the following season…


Scarification; Early September is when you will begin to see Luxury Lawns start the Scarification process, this is an essential part of the treatment process removing unwanted thatch and allowing grass to take root.


Aeration; Towards the end of Autumn is when Aeration should be considered to remove compaction from your Lawn & to allow exchange of gases from the soil. Scarifying and Aerating earlier in the Autumn season allows time for the Lawn to regenerate and become strong and healthy for the following season.


Seeding; Early Autumn is the perfect time to being seeding any bare patches and  even over-seeding of entire lawns for the following season. Luxury Lawns offer this as one of our services.


HANDY TIP: Try and stay off of your Lawn in damp conditions and especially avoid cutting if dew or water is present. Always clear unwanted leafs.