Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care is when we want to be out enjoying our lawns but without the right amount of care, it’s when the lawns can also look their worst! Here are our Summer tips that make sure you enjoy your lawn throughout the BBQ season.

  • Make sure to give the Lawn plenty of water throughout the dryer months especially April through to august as the grass is 95% moisture and needs plenty of it to keep healthy. We advise once a week with a sprinkler for an hour, however, if the lawn remains looking drought stressed after 2 weeks then increase this to twice a week until colour has returned to normal.
  • Reduce the amount of water needed by having a water retention treatment which can reduce the amount of water your lawns needs by 50% saving you money on your water bill.
  • Increase the cutting height up to 1.5 inches, this will help your lawn to retain moisture
  • If you do have a party or BBQ then make sure to give the grass a good soaking the day after to help speed up recovery
  • Don’t water in the middle of the day as high temperatures and surface water can actually burn your grass, also avoid watering too late at night as this can help encourage disease, we advise first thing in the morning or between 5-7pm.
  • If you have a petrol mower make sure that you refuel away from your lawn as spilt fuel can burn the grass.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of infestation such as increased bird activity and areas of the lawn dying off as summer is when pests are most active and damage is at its worst.
  • Keep your blade nice and sharp
  • Mow in different directions every cut as this can help to reduce thatch from sitting down
  • Don’t mow your lawn 3 days before or after each treatment.
  • Going on holiday? Take advantage of our Slow Grow treatment which will slow down vertical growth of your lawn meaning less cutting!

We hope this helps, if you have any questions regarding any Summer lawn Care topic not covered here please call us on 01243 200 600 and we will be glad to be of assistance!