Water Retention Treatment

Water Retention Treatment

One of the biggest problems during the summer months is drought stress. The world’s climate is rapidly changing and because of this evaporation rates have increased whilst rainfall measures have decreased and this combined commonly leads to drought stress. Here at Luxury Lawns we now offer a water retention treatment that will hold more water in the root zone meaning that your lawn will stay healthier for longer.

You can even save on your watering bills as our Water Retention Treatment reduces the amount of water that the lawn needs with reductions up to 80% on clay soils and up to 50% on sandy soils.

Treatments start from £15 and we advise a minimum of two treatments during summer months to help keep your lawn healthy and lush.

Handy Tip:  Why not check out our watering advice guide for some great tips how to save on watering bills and achieve great results.

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