Lawn Regeneration

Would you benefit from lawn regeneration? Ever noticed how nice your neighbor’s lawn looked after they re-seeded or re-turfed it? This is because new grass shoots are healthier, more vibrant looking and problems such as thatch and compaction have not been encountered yet.

Given a long enough period of time, any Lawn will eventually lose the battle to thatch, weeds, and moss. For some lawns, especially older ones, starting again is the best option. We find this common where High Nitrogen feeds have been applied over a long period of time.

Lawn Treatment Services

We start by scarifying numerous times removing the existing lawn, then we apply a specialist Rootzone topsoil which levels out any blemishes and unevenness within the lawn. Lastly we over-seed with our specialist genetically enhanced grass species selected specifically for your soil type to give fantastic results.

Should I Reseed instead of Turf?

We see so many lawns that have been re-turfed and within a year are not looking so great!

This is mostly because the grass species has not been selected to suit the conditions to where it is being laid.

Turf that has been grown many miles away in a completely different climate is then harvested, stored for weeks before finally getting transported findings its way onto your lawn.

The Turf is already Stressed long before it arrives!

When you seed you grow that plant in the soil where it is going to stay and thrive meaning a much healthier happy plant, therefore a much healthier greener looking lawn!

The only real benefit that turf has overseed is that it’s instant but it’s also very expensive and if the turf does encounter problems you can lose it very quickly and have to lay the lawn again. If you think your lawn needs a lawn regeneration contact us today.

Also Unwanted weeds can travel with the turf which can infest the lawn and flower beds.

Luxury Lawns Strongly advise reseeding every time as results are greater and a tenth the price of turf.

Handy Tip:  Luxury Lawns recommends Lawn regeneration to re-turfing every time.  

Lawn Regeneration
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