Nematode/ Solvent Treatment

Nematode/ Solvent Treatment


If your lawn has suffered from an infestation from Leatherjackets or Chafer Grubs then we would suggest having a grub removal treatment,  this is to stop any more damage occurring and eliminating the cause of the problem.

If your lawn is going thin and patchy or you have noticed increased bird activity on the lawn especially starlings then this is a key sign that you may have an infestation and we would recommend this treatment.

Your lawn would of course be checked first by a fully qualified Lawn Technician and if a pest is found we will advise and carry out the necessary treatment to eliminate the pest.

New lawns between 1-5 years old are more susceptible to suffering from infestation as the roots have not yet matured and are easier for the grubs to digest.

We also offer a leatherjacket preventative treatment in early November which will protect your lawn and prevent further attacks for an entire season, giving you peace of mind.

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