Chafer Grubs

Chafer Grubs

Chafer Grubs (phyllopertha horticola) with its prawn like appearance are larvae of Chafer Beetles. The white grey plump larvae of the Chafer Beetle can seriously damage the root system of a lawn. Damage is usually noticeable in the late Summer/ Autumn. These Grubs will feed off the root of the grass plant. The adults are normally visible between the end of Spring and early Summer depending on the environment. Garden Chafer and the Welsh Chafer are predominantly the most common species in UK lawns.

How Can I Spot Chafer Grubs?

In severe cases where the roots of the turf have been eaten through and badly damaged you will be able lift your turf off the soil surface by hand, like lifting a carpet. You may also notice increase bird activity on your lawn as Chafer Grubs are a tasty snack for all types of animals.

What animals feed off Chafer Grubs?

There are many animals that feed off these grubs. Lots of bird species including Jays, Magpies, Rooks and Crows. Foxes, Hedgehogs, Badgers and Mole Activity may also be visible on your lawn. The problem with this activity is the fact that Foxes and Badgers in particular can damage your lawn quite severely and rip up the lawn to feed off these grubs.

How do I remove Chafer Grubs from my Lawn?

Luxury Lawns have specialised nematode lawn treatments to combat and eradicate the Chafer Grub infestation. Generally speaking, within 7 days the  treatment takes effect and is maximised around 4 weeks depending on the level of infestation.

Nematodes in Plants

If you suspect (or would like reassurance) you have a Chafer Grubs or Leatherjacket (crane fly) infestation in your lawn then contact us for a Free Lawn Analysis.

DID YOU KNOW: Chafer grubs can live up to 4 years and cause considerable damage to your lawn.