Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings

Easily identified by a circle or ring of lush green growth. Depending on the type of fungus causing the fairy ring there may be an area of dead brown grass in the middle of the circle.
There are four different types of Fairy Ring, with the most common being type one.
Luxury Lawns can advise you how to solve problems with fairy rings.

Type 1 – Marasmius oreades – This produces a bare patch in the lawn. A ring of dead or severely stressed turf bordered on both the inner and outer edges by a band of stimulated grass growth, mushrooms & other Fungi can appear when climatic conditions are right.

Type 2 – Agaricus spp, Scleroderma & Lycoperdon spp –  Normally this area is indicated by stimulated growth which is faster growing, a well fertilised lawn will help to reduce the effect, sometimes this type can develop fruits like toadstools and puff balls

Type 3 – Hygrophorus & Psilocybe spp – This type are very common and generally have no detrimental effect on the quality of the turf however sometimes toadstools or puff balls can be produced if weather conditions are right.

Superficial Fairy rings – These are produced by numerous types of fungi so it’s difficult to generalise about the typical symptoms

HELPFUL TIP: Try adding diluted fairy liquid around the fairy ring and into the soil by using a tube and funnel, this can help to reduce the appearance of the fairy ring significantly
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