Lawn Weeds

Dealing with unsightly Lawn Weeds on your lawn is one of the most common problems for any gardener and with hundreds of species in the U.K getting a weed free lawn can be a headache for any gardener.

What are weeds?

A weed is essentially any plant or grass species that we don’t want within a lawn. Here in the U.K we have many different types of weeds, or broad-leaved weeds as they are sometimes referred to, and our hot summers and cooler moist winters make it ideal breeding grounds for most species. Weeds can leave a lawn looking very unsightly and ruin the uniform green of a lush, well maintained lawn.

Why have I got weeds in my lawn?

Weed seeds will be carried into a lawn from a number of different sources: from birds overhead, cats, dogs or other mammals that roam freely or from people carrying them on their clothing or footwear. A seed will quickly develop into a full blown weed if left unchecked so it is important to remove any weeds as soon as they are visible.

How Can Luxury Lawns help to reduce lawn weeds?

Luxury Lawns use specialist weed killing herbicides and chemicals (all pet & child friendly) to effectively reduce weeds on your Lawn. Our tailored programme will first identify the issue (free Lawn analysis) at the source and from here create a programme to yield the best results and eliminate weeds throughout your lawn.

Weeds are best treated when they are actively growing, which is usually any time from early March through till late September. Hand weeding can be a very difficult task and in some cases, such as dandelions, can actually worsen the weed problem.

Some weeds are a little more troublesome than others but Luxury Lawns can tailor a programme to reduce weed growth throughout your lawn and increase your lawns health.

Processes such as scarification and soil aeration will dramatically thicken up the sward thus reducing less opportunities for weed species to establish.

A healthy lawn is always the best preventative against unwanted weeds.

[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”fa-comment”] Handy Tip:  A thick and healthy lawn is your best defence against Weeds. 

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